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Regarding the "Recall of total knee replacements"

Over the course of the last several weeks, my office has received numerous phone calls from my patients inquiring about a reported recall of Zimmer knee replacements. Apparently in newspapers and on television, some law firms have been soliciting patients who might have Zimmer knee replacements, telling them that there’s been a recall and that they might be entitled to certain financial considerations. When called, my office has tried to set the record straight that there has been, in fact, no recall of Zimmer knee replacements, but addressing the concerns individually has taken a lot of time on the part of my office staff.

A week or two ago, Zimmer, Inc. provided orthopaedic surgeons with a letter that could be used to explain the situation to our patients, and I thought perhaps a good way to distribute this information to the patients in my practice would be to post it on my website. Download the PDF to the right for the full text of Zimmer’s letter to patients. If you should have any questions once you finish reading it, Zimmer’s Consumer Call Center is available to address any further concerns. They can be contacted at 1-877-946-2761.

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